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Germ Defence is an evidence-based behaviour change website that provides advice on infection control at home. A clinical trial of 20,000 people during the time of the H1N1 pandemic and seasonal ‘flu (published in The Lancet) showed that using Germ Defence successfully reduced the number and severity of infections in the home, as well as the need for primary care consultations and antibiotics.

We are now examining whether the updated COVID-19 version of Germ Defence is effective at reducing infections and GP consultations and are using anonymised national patient record data to assess the website’s effectiveness.


The COVID-19 version of Germ Defence was developed by clinicians and scientists at the Universities of Bristol, Southampton and Bath in collaboration with Public Health England. It was co-designed with members of the public to be simple and quick to use, including by people with limited reading or computer skills. The website has already had over 300,000 users and it can be accessed in 20+ languages.


You do not need to sign up to the study, register to use the Germ Defence website or provide us with any data. There is no financial reimbursement for taking part.


You can find more information about the study, including frequently asked questions (FAQs) here.